I spent most of Sunday and Monday finishing the final lab in the Flatiron School pre-course curriculum, “Hashketball.” The assignment in the lab was to write a series of methods that iterate through a large hash that describes the players, stats, and attributes of two basketball teams. Like most things when learning how to code, the simplest requests turned into multi-hour debugging affairs and error carnivals. “Write a method to return all the jersey numbers for every player.” Easy, right?


Maybe not.

I managed to finish with twenty minutes to spare before my check-in call with one of my future instructors, with whom I was supposed to parse the very same lab. It reminded me of telling a new joke on stage in a way, because there’s a free-fall sensation in the heart when you have to prepare something for an audience and show it to the audience right away.

Now I’m done. Ready for class. Up to speed. The trouble is that I have a lot of momentum from the last few weeks of studying, and I don’t want to slow down. I want to show up to class honed to an edge. My task for the next week is to wander deep in the weeds to try to extract some useful knowledge from the 52,000,000 coding sites, schools, and blogs out there.